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June 25th, 2019

Summer BBQ Tips with Teeth Healthy foods

It is summertime and what better way to enjoy the longer days and sunshine than a barbecue with your friends and family. Keep these 6 tips in mind for your next soiree to protect your teeth and keep you and your friends smiling all summer long.

Skip the ice

There is nothing quite like a nice glass of sweet iced tea on a hot day. But did you know that chewing on ice cubes can cause cracked teeth and damage your enamel? Instead of adding ice to drinks, put cans and bottles in a large tub of ice or cooler. However, if you do prefer ice in your drink, substitute it with crushed.

Hide the toothpicks and keep floss handy

What do pulled pork, steak, or corn on the cob have in common? They can all end up stuck between your teeth at the end of dinner. Don’treach for a toothpick. Instead, flossing your teeth is gentler on your gums and is better at getting rid of those pesky bits of food. If you are hosting, then leave dental picks in a covered dish in the bathroom or replace toothpicks with a soft, flexible wooden plaque remover.

Cut back on the alcohol and serve infused water

Alcohol, soda, and sports drinks are some of the worst drinks for your teeth because they are high in sugar and have a tendency to dry out the mouth. Encourage guests to hydrate in between adult beverages with infused water that are low in sugar. Pitchers of fruit infused water look beautiful on a table and help your guests avoid a headache in the morning. 

Rethink your sides

When loading up your plate, go for a side of fruits and veggies. Chips are typical party food, but they often settle in the hard to reach parts of your teeth, giving bacteria the chance to create cavities in your teeth. Fruits and veggies, on the other hand, are healthier and act as natural toothbrushes and scrub off build-up on your teeth. 

Say “Cheese!”

Aside from being delicious and making a grilled burger taste so much better, cheese is rich in calcium and phosphorus, which helps to strengthen tooth enamel and protect teeth from damage. Research studies also suggest that dairy may lower your chances for developing gum disease. If you are the host, consider putting out cheese platters for snacks as an alternative to chips and nuts.

Go Seedless

Since we are trying to avoid the need for a toothpick at the end of dinner, let’s ditch seeds as well. Opt for hot dog and hamburger buns without sesame and poppy seeds and no raspberries or kiwi in the fruit salad. Instead, try brioche burger buns and seedless watermelon. 

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