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July 21st, 2020

Weight Loss and Oral Health: Did you know that a healthy diet and weight management can also have a positive impact on oral health?

Regular check-ups along with brushing and flossing are routine ways to keep your mouth happy and healthy.  But did you know that weight management and a healthy diet also have a positive effect on your oral health?  A healthy lifestyle is the best prevention for many illnesses and chronic diseases.   Good choices you make for your body and overall health are also good for your teeth.

How Diet and Oral Health Correlate
Healthy food choices are good for your body and your teeth.  What we eat impacts our blood glucose levels which correlates not only to our weight, but also our oral health.  Glucose, also known as sugar, is a favorite food for the bacteria in our mouths.    Certain food choices can elevate our blood sugar which can put us at risk for tooth decay.  

Substituting chips and other sugary snacks for  healthier alternatives will provide a diet low in processed foods and sugar.   This can help you manage your weight, fend off illnesses, and prevent cavities.

Trade the Soda for a Water
Did you know that one in four Americans get at least 200 calories a day from sugary drinks like soda?  Frequent soda consumption has been linked to weight gain and contributes to tooth decay. Sugar in soda combines with bacteria in your mouth to form an acid that attacks the teeth.  Diet or sugar-free soda also contains its own acid, which can damage teeth.  Thus, eliminating soda from your diet or at least drinking it in moderation will help you cut back on calories and cavities.

Drinking water helps keep you hydrated, distributes healthy nutrients, and eliminates waste from your body.  Water is also beneficial for your teeth as it washes away leftover food and residue that causes cavities and fights dry mouth.  

Avoid Crash Diets
People like to see results fast and will sometimes go to great lengths to achieve weight loss goals.  Not all methods are safe and healthy for your body or your teeth.  For instance, a harmful crash diet like the grapefruit diet involves eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice with every meal.  While you may see quick results, this diet is not sustainable and it erodes the enamel on your teeth due to the high acid levels.  Diet pills are another “easy solution”, but they are harmful to your  teeth because they decrease salivary flow and cause dry mouth.  Dry mouth increases the likelihood of tooth decay at the gum line.  

Diets that encourage eating more whole foods and reducing added sugars will help fuel your body and positively impact your oral health. Vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats are all crucial to keeping your body and oral health on the right track. Before you jump into a new diet it is recommended that you consult both your doctor and your dentist.

Maintaining a healthy weight through a nutritious diet and proper hydration can improve your life and your oral health.  However, eating a well-balanced meal isn’t the only way to keep your mouth healthy.  It is important to remember your basic oral health habits and to visit your dentist regularly for regular check-ups, cleanings, and dental x-rays.

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